Well hello there!

Kristin and Ninja here, speaking on behalf of the WHOWAGWEAR™ team. So we don't take up too much of that quality fetch time with the pups, we'll make this short but sweet — 



From the bottom of our hearts, we want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the love, encouragement, and positive energy that you have given us in support of WHOWAGWEAR. This entire platform and our journey to succeeding in our mission would not and could not be possible without each of you. 


At less than 2 months post-launch, we are thrilled to mark this as just the beginning! We happily share this opportunity to literally change the lives of both K9s AND humans with this vehicle while also celebrating the joy that binds this community. As our family grows, we look forward to getting to know you and your stories, being able to share some of our own, and connecting everyone for such a great cause that we are ALL passionate about.


Stick with us as we begin to share all kinds of goodies on this blog; from original content and news heard around the world that's entertaining, informative, and fun, along with important updates on the charities and initiatives your purchases are supporting. If there is anything specific you want us to cover — any ideas you have, stories to share, or anything of that nature — leave a comment below or contact us. We totally embrace fresh ideas and collaborations — we're all in this together. And if you haven't already done so, make sure to subscribe (on the right hand side, or below on your mobile phone) so updates are sent directly to you.


With that said, let's do it....


 Love + Gratitude,