Meet artist Sierra Weir — aka @siehorse on Instagram, where we first connected. After a quick friendly exchange — her giving the thumbs up on WHOWAGWEAR and me absolutely vying over her documented trip to Iceland — I started digging through all the photos of her wildly colorful paintings on IG. There's always an instant connection between artists especially when your subject matter is something you are both passionate about and whose vibe is as adventurous as your own. 

Because this brand stands for so many things to celebrate — first and foremost DOGS, but also humanitarian work, self-expression and style, and the artist community — we want to highlight those who inspire us in any way shape or form. Inspiration, after all, is the backbone of this entire platform and the ultimate catalyst for impacting positive change.

So without further adieu, it's our pleasure to share the 1st WHOWAGWEAR ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Paintings by Sierra.

Although the WHOWAGWEAR brand is built upon a classic palette of black / white / gray, we totally appreciate color as an incredible tool in the many other aspects of our everyday lives. Having said that, that's part of the draw to Sierra's work. The mixtures of colors pop and create an extra layer of personality to her subjects. Check out some of our favorite paintings by Sierra, which is accurately portrayed in her above description. 


Photos and artwork © Sierra Weir. For more info on the artist check out her site where you will find a continuous flow of other paintings, seemingly inspired by her travels and love of animals.

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Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


Love + Gratitude,