FALL is upon us! ...and the weather in NYC has surprisingly been taking its sweet time to shift from the summer heat to the crisp air that we're used to this time of year. Not complaining, believe me! Although wardrobing day-to-day does require a balance of layering the right transitional pieces that pay homage to the Fall season, but are still comfortable enough on a sunny day in mid-October.

Always one to take advantage of a beautiful beach day when it lend itself no matter what time of year, last week I took a mini excursion to the Rockaways with my friend Jenny Kaplan — Founder of An Aesthetic Pursuit — and her rescue pup, Zuko. The Sun's presence cascaded awesome shadow graphics across the boardwalk as we held our faces towards the warmth, with a cool breeze brushing towards us from the shore. There we explored ways to incorporate layers with pieces from our WHOWAGWEAR™ collection to showcase her personal style inspired by cues from GLAMOUR's 2015's Most Wearable Fall Trends.

There are a lot of things I love about Jenny's style aesthetic; one being her attention to little details that create subtle, yet strong statements. Working off the "long-lined blazer" trend, she opted for the Men's/Unisex X Marks The Heart Tee, paired with high waisted jeans so that it could be tucked in to really showcase the length of the blazer, and also draw attention to the featured artwork (painted by Ninja): Scroll down to check out more wardrobe examples, along with Jenny's quick style tips for the Fall season.


I can't say it enough, Jenny is uber talented — whether it's creating unique floral arrangements for New York Fashion Week, or hosting a stylish entertainment soiree with her chef brother Dave (as seen in DOMINO), to creating an oasis out of her Williamsburg home (as seen in APHROCHIC), her creativity and visual inspiration are endless, and I am so lucky to have become friends with her and witness all the incredible endeavors she's created for herself. Hop on over to her site — AN AESTHETIC PURSUIT — which breaks down the different services she provides for a multitude of industries.

Also, to check out the entire list of GLAMOUR's 2015's Most Wearable Fall Trends click here.

As always, thanks for checking in! Stay tuned for our next style story with one of my favorite (and most charismatic) collaborators, Manuela Rana. Coming soon.

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