The WHOWAGWEAR™ platform is a community bound together by our genuine love of dogs. That singular detail is the very core of our brand which connects us all. It is beyond exciting to not only share our personal stories unique to our dogs and experiences but to hear and share the individual stories within our community. 

With that said, we couldn't be more pleased to introduce our first blog submission by Randee Shyer and her story: Recalling the highlights of welcoming a firstborn into the family — Dad, Mom, dog, and now baby make 4 — as told through photos.

Here's what she had to say.

"I never really thought it out...having a dog AND a baby...it's definitely like having 1 and 1/2 children. I remember being very pregnant and seeing a neighbor walking her dog and baby with a look of exhaustion that said, "this will be you soon." Though there are new challenges with this major shift in lifestyle, the endless rewards are incomparable. Here are some highlights from Year #1 which includes: Max's bris (and Waffle not happy about someone else in mom's arms), maternity leave with me and my boys (with Waffle really excited about qt time with mom and lil bro), their first official nap time together, being surrounded by friends and family, unlimited photoshoot sessions, visiting Dad at work (Waffle's an office man...he's like guys I gotta get back to work!), infants and doggies and toddlers, oh my!, naptime for the guys, and our very first family photo."

(Meet the family from left the right: Waffle, Jason, Randee, and baby Maxim)

Now embarking halfway through Year #2, Maxim and Waffle are putting in some serious cuteness overload. Check out this recent family portrait below. Beautiful, happy family indeed.

Thank you to the Shyer Family for letting us take a peak into their home! If you are a dog mom who is expecting or looking to grow your family check out this insightful article by the ASPCA, "Introducing Your Dog To Your New Baby," here.

Also, if you have any stories that YOU WOULD LOVE TO SEE FEATURED email us at hello@whowagwear.com.


Happy Vibes To You All,