I don't even know where to start with this post — after pulling together some of Talley Carlston's art for this spotlight I admit I became a little overwhelmed. Originally I thought it would be nice to kick off Labor Day weekend (aka "last summer hoorah") with beautiful beach photos taken by Talley, featuring his adorable rescue pup Otis, and their enviable summer days by the water; but there is just so much more to share...

Let me backtrack for a second. Emily and I (prior to co-founding WHOWAGWEAR™) first met Talley in 2012. He was interning part-time in the product design department of our 9-5 office job and asked if he could also intern with us in the creative department. Naturally we said yes!, so we all crammed into our corner office: me, Emily, baby Ninja (who was maybe 12 wks old at the time), and Talley. After ending his internship and studying abroad, a year later we lured him back to work with us as a freelancer. Fast forward to 2015, we've gotten to witness the breadth of his creative talents, wrapped in a pretty laid-back soul. Selfishly I want to say, "Hey, look at all the great work our former intern has gone on to do," but really, Talley was born with a natural eye and design sensibility and is constantly evolving and growing. And to date, we all learn from each other and encourage and celebrate our individual and collective artforms. I tease him a lot, because he's too darn mature as an artist for his age, by reminding him that he has time to take over the world in his 30's. Apparently he has a different plan. From photography, to commercial graphics, to packaging + product design, and textile patterns — the inspiration one inherits when looking at his body of work is endless.

It is my absolute pleasure to share our 2nd WHOWAGWEAR™ Artist Spotlight: Endless Inspiration with Talley Carlston.

If we are going to break down Talley's different outlets of creative expression I think his photography resonates the most with me. It's such a personal viewpoint, and when looking at his photos there is always a sense of freedom and wonder. Plus it doesn't hurt to have an adorable dog cameo here and there. Check out this gallery of Talley's summer photos, completely swoon worthy for any beach / summer / travel lover. 

True, Talley has an artistic approach to life through and through. It's no surprise that his coastal lifestyle (showcased above) had a seamless effect on his surfboard and skateboard designs for Studio Zung (showcased below). Every now and then I ask him what he likes to do most — I've seen him design graphics and art direct first hand, but when he mentions textiles to me I'm like, "...oh, cool." And then I see his work featured in major publications and I totally get it...because I am one of many vying for one of his skateboard decks. (Talley? Did you get that memo?)

Imagery and artwork © Talley Carlston. If you're digging his vibe check out more of his work here and here.

I can't wait to see what Talley gets his hands on next. As a dog-loving, art + style centric product designer who loves self-expression and positive vibes, we couldn't be more proud to highlight him as a WHOWAGWEAR™ artist inspiration.

If you have any awesome comments for Talley (or want to wink back at Otis) — don't be shy — comment below. Or if you have any ideas or artists you think we be a great feature, let us know! Lastly, hit that subscribe button if you want news, updates, and product information sent directly your way.

We hope you all have a WONDERFUL LABOR DAY WEEKEND with your pup crew. Can't wait to see all the fun photos of our furry friends! Puppy kisses to them all.

Love + Gratitude,